September 22, 2018

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With the possible exception of the Tour de France, the  coverage of the races at the Delaware County Fair, culminating with the Little Brown Jug, is the most extensive live broadcast coverage of a single sporting event in the world.  In 2011, the Little Brown Jug Radio Network carried 29 hours from the Delaware County including  80 “live” harness races, over four days.

Since the Little Brown Jug is carried on local broadcast radio as well as streaming online, the audience reaches all over the world.
The combination of an advertising message delivered both live and in produced spots at various breaks during the week affords an advertiser an unprecedented opportunity to get maximum coverage for the advertising dollar. Becoming associated with the Little Brown Jug Radio Network presents an exclusive opportunity for an advertiser to partner with the second leg of the pacing Triple Crown, the Little Brown Jug.

Nearly 50,000 people attend the Little Brown Jug each year, and over 100,000 people attend the Delaware County Fair during its week run. Schools are closed in Delaware, media coverage is extensive, and fan loyalty runs deep.

Join Our Growing Advertising Partnerships
Each sponsor on our network affiliates receive an advertising or underwriting  package that will get your message heard by thousands throughout the four day race coverage.   All of your messages are guaranteed to air during the key 10am to 7pm time slot when everyone is listening to the races!

In addition, participants get promotional announcements running before and during the races!


Mike Schnell
Sales Manager


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